Our Story

Written by Jordan Beach, Founder of More Focus


Hey there,

Do you struggle with  being
more focused?

Well I have good news for you... This young shrieking fellow was me a few years ago.

I had no self discipline, zero positive habits or routines, and was addicted to my phone, with a 💩 mindset. 

Needless to say, I zero time management skills and knew nothing about productivity.

I can guess what you're thinking...

"What the heck happened?"

Snowboard fail pic.jpeg

I'll save you the suspense.
I got in bad snowboarding accident.

(Not as bad as the pic to the left), but I did end up with a serious concussion. 

My brain was foggy and my eyes were super sensitive to light. 

I spent weeks a dark dorm room, laying in bed, slowly recovering.

Then one day...

I woke up fully recovered with super human abilities to laser focus and be a productivity machine

Haha no, but during the recovery I could do one positive thing. Which was listening to biographies of really success people. 

Like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Kobe Bryant.

Laser eyes jif

Laser focus canva edit .png

They began to stretch my mind to what was possible, and I started thinking of things I could do and create.


When I did recover I was excited to work towards my new ambitions and goals! 

But... I ended up being shocked. 
I couldn't get anything done! I still had all
my 💩 time management habits. 

I was constantly getting distracted and making zero progress towards my new goals.

I felt so frustrated with how I was using my time. Constantly wasting it on trivial things, and struggling to do anything about it.

I reached my breaking point

I had enough. I was so frustrated with how I was using my time, I went extreme.

I deleted every social media app, dating app, even Amazon. Anything that could distract me I had to take off my phone.

I put website blockers on my laptop and even went as far as buying a lock box to put my app-less phone in.

At the time it was the only way I could be and stay focused.

Change begins to happen

Clearly lacking any skills on how use my time productively or have a healthy relationship with distracting tech devices. I spent this time learning how to.

I read and studied books on time management, productivity, how to focus, how to build positive habits and how to stop procrastinating.

At first I had to force myself to read these books, but after a while my interest began to deepen.

And I continued this for years. Slowly adding online courses and different coaching certifications.

Present day

Firstly I want to acknowledge none of these changes happened overnight. What you see now has been years in the making, with tons of trial and error.

And that's a huge reason I wanted to create More Focus. I believe there's a lot more to personal growth and change than just "knowing" what you should do.

That's why my number one goal is to make our coaching personalized. Everyone's situation is unique and to have someone to offer guidance and support that's tailored to you is incredibly impactful

During my journey I would have loved to have had that. It would have made to the positive changes and growth faster and a much less frustrating experience.