Focus More & End Distractions

1 on 1 coaching to help you become more focused using accountability & guidance

What is More Focus?

We are a coaching service designed to help our clients make progress towards their goals, spend their time meaningfully and become all they can be. 

Digital distractions are the #1 thing that gets in the way of that.

And that's why we're here:

To help you take control of your time, spend it how you want and to help you close the gap.

How we do it

We’ve learned that while everyone’s journey is unique, when one decides to pursue worthwhile goals the same pitfalls and obstacles seem to come up again and again.


That’s why we’ve created a 6 week program of 1 on 1 coaching directly with the founder of More Focus, Jordan Beach. The program is specially designed to help you focus your efforts and achieve results faster than you could’ve ever imagined on your own. With his guidance, you’ll work together to create a customized plan centered around your needs and vision. 


Throughout the 6 weeks, he will be by your side to help you execute, adjust, and improve your plan. Along the way he will be there to help keep you accountable and celebrate your wins. By the end, you’ll be able to confidently pursue your goals with a fresh perspective on the path ahead.

Why we do it

“I know how it feels to wake up each day and be consumed by social media, act on every impulse and let instant gratification dictate your day. At the end you feel unhappy, unfulfilled and frustrated with how you used your time. It wasn’t spent meaningfully and it feels like your day was a waste.


I also know how it feels to wake up excited about the day ahead; to have a clear intent for how you want to use your time and to feel confident in your ability to follow through. To be able to pursue your goals and interest, find your purpose, and become all you can be.

For whoever is reading this, I’ve lived each reality. And the second option is way better.

That’s why I wanted to create More Focus. For it to be a resource for young, driven individuals who have goals they want to pursue. And who don't want digital distractions to get in the way of them.

If you find yourself wanting more from your time, your days, from yourself... Book a free call. You’ll talk directly with me, and we’ll see if working together would be a good fit."

- Jordan Beach                    

What's Next?